Picking the Right Squeeze Tube

Picking the Right Squeeze Tubes

Tygon 900/Bi-wall/co-extruded– Generally a tan or cream colored tubing.  Composed of Santoprene/Norprene with a thin inner layer of Tygon.  The Norprene outer layer provides longevity with peristaltic pumps and the inner layer provides a high level of chemical resistance.  Acidic, alkaline, chlorine and solvent products have very little effect on the inner layer.  Overall, it is the best performing laundry squeeze tube.   This tubing comes with all USC’s laundry dispensers.

EDPM– Black in color. Holds up well to alkaline products. 

Santoprene- Tan in color.  Very durable tubing that can withstand lengthy exposure to peristaltic pumps.  Very good resistance to alkaline and acidic products.  Also holds up well to chorineThis tubing comes with all USC’s ware washing dispensers.

Silicon– Semitransparent in color.  This is a good tubing for rinse additives because it does not contain any moisture.  Rinse additives draw out moisture and quickly make other types of tubing dry and brittle.  Better options are available for other product types.

VitonThis is a great all around tubing.  It is resistant to all product types and performs very well against bleach, solvents and D’limonene.  The only drawback is price.  Viton can be 10 times more expensive than standard tubing.  

Tube Type

Strong Alkalines Solvents D’Limonene Chlorine Strong Acids

Tygon 900/



1 3 1 3


2 3 4 3


Santoprene 2 3 3 2



3 4 2 3


Viton 2 2 1 1


1=Excellent  2= Good  3= Fair 4= Poor