Class Overview


The Learning Center
At U S Chemical’s Learning Center, our customers personnel will receive comprehensive, hands-on training on every aspect of instructional cleaning and sanitation. A carefully developed curriculum creates a high-quality, high-retention learning experience. Our fully-equipped training facility features operational warewash and laundry machines most commonly found at facilities. You can expect personnel to return to work more confident in their ability to sell and service your chemical program.

Resources and Curriculum
The Sanitation Specialist course covers all aspects of institutional kitchen cleaning and sanitation, with a focus on warewashing. Each class participant learns cleaning chemistry, product and equipment knowledge and proper use of the U S Chemical Total Test Kit. Small class sizes provide trainees with ample hands-on instruction on the on-site warewashing machines.

The Advanced Laundry course covers all aspects of institutional laundry. We know that in order to achieve the best results, a proper laundry survey needs to be completed. In this class we will train how to carefully consider fabric characteristics, soil type and water conditions in order to select the appropriate product for each application. In addition, trainees learn the importance of correct equipment set-up and service to achieve world-class results.

The Floorcare course covers all aspects of how to properly care for various floor types in institutional settings.  In this class we will train how to identify floor substrates, floor care solutions and how to troubleshoot in order to select the appropriate product for the situation. Trainees will also get hands on experience in stripping, finishing and cleaning floors. 

All courses emphasize worker safety, proper procedures such as electrical lock-out/tag-out practices and proper use of protective gear. In these classes we use testing, competition and spaced repetition to maintain interest of participants while having fun during the learning process.

Ongoing Field Support
Even the best, most comprehensive training program will not prepare our customers for every challenge they may face in the field. We strongly encourage our graduates to use our Training Department for assistance with chemical, cleaning, equipment, installation or service-related questions. The U S Chemical Training Department handles both phone diagnostics and technical service requests for hundreds of specialists from distributors nationwide.

For further information, please contact us:

U S Chemical Training Department
Phone: 1-800-424-1075
Direct Fax: 1-920-206-3914