U S Chemical History


U S Chemical has a history that is rich in growth and development, flourishing since 1962. The world class formulas in our product offerings cover every aspect of cleaning, always keeping our priorities on our customers. That is the reason why U S Chemical is, by far, the number one producer of private label institutional cleaning products.

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U S Chemical is a manufacturer committed to the success of our distributor partners. Our customers depend on us to deliver sustainable cleaning and sanitation solutions that optimize results as well as labor, water, and energy consumption. We provide the highest quality products, innovative technology, equipment, and systems in the private branded sanitation marketplace.

Our commitment to our customer success and growth is supported by unparalleled Quality and Innovation, Customer Support, Sales and Marketing and Training and Technical Support. Our product, system and service offerings will drive sales and create growth throughout your customer base, while ensuring a cleaner and healthier environment.

  • 1962 – U S Chemical started doing business
  • 1968 – Equipment Department was established and began manufacturing dispensing equipment
  • 1971 – Training classes were offered to distributors
  • 1974 – Hydrite became a supply position owner
  • 1982 – U S Chemical began to sell through distribution
  • 2010 – JohnsonDiversey, Inc. changed its name to Diversey, Inc. 
  • 2011 – U S Chemical was purchased with Diversey, Inc. as a part of Sealed Air
  • 2013 – U S Chemical, along with Diversey, Inc. became a part of Diversey Care, Sealed Air’s hygiene and cleaning business unit
  • 2017 – Bain Capital Private Equity purchased the Diversey Care division of Sealed Air to be managed as a standalone company, Diversey, Inc.