MicroTECH™ Sanitizer E.S.

5341373 2/1.5 gal. 10843787002006
101105447 1/1.5 gal. 10843787007384
Product Description

MicroTECH™ Sanitizer E.S. is one of the high quality components that make up the “ENERGY-SAVE” product system. It is a quality checked 6.4% sodium hypochlorite solution that is especially designed for use in low temperature dishmachine operations. It also should be applied as a “no-rinse” sanitizer of food contact surfaces and equipment. This product provides immediate chlorine release for rapid bactericidal action when used as directed. It promotes free rinsing and protects food from contamination.

Approvals: cRc
Registrations: EPA

MicroTECH™ Sanitizer E.S. Tech Sheet

MicroTECH™ Sanitizer E.S. SDS