MicroTECH™ Suds

5331933 2/1.5 gal. 10843787001665
101105522 1/1.5 gal. 10843787007438
5391451 15 gal. 00843787002399
5411503 55 gal. 00843787002580
Product Description

MicroTECH™ Suds is a hyper-concentrated formula with a blend of superior quality detergent surfactants. This formulation provides excellent emulsification of soils and prevents their redeposition onto fabric. Designed for use in all water and soil conditions, microTECH™ Suds exhibits outstanding cleaning ability at extremely low use rates.

Approvals: cRc, HE, OMNI

MicroTECH™ Suds Tech Sheet

MicroTECH™ Suds SDS