Our Capabilities

Quality & Innovation
U S Chemical dedicates significant resources to continual research and development so that you can offer your customers new products, product enhancements and delivery systems. In our state-of-the-art R&D laboratories, products undergo stringent quality control testing to meet rigid specifications
for consistency of color, performance and efficacy.

Customer Service
At U S Chemical, you will receive a level of service unrivaled in the industry.
A team dedicated specifically to your account, your needs and ultimately the satisfaction of your customers. Customer Service will make sure you get what you need, when you need it, increasing your efficiency and ensuring timely delivery to your customers.

Field Sales
Your U S Chemical Account Manager will work very closely with your sales and management team to create an appropriate sales strategy, tailored to your strengths and approach to your market. This means getting involved and staying involved, keeping your chemical program on track. Your Account Manager will organize goal-setting and business review sessions, conduct sales meetings, create exciting sales promotions and accompany your sales team on customer calls.

Marketing Support
U S Chemical will partner with you in the development of your own private label look. Using your logo or creating a new one, we can design a label that complies with all regulations and provides you with your very own private label. Our quality products, combined with your label, service and reputation will build customer loyalty and brand recognition within your marketplace. 
Additional resources available include professionally designed sales flyers, product literature and trade show materials designed by an in-house team of designers. The result is an exciting, complete chemical program that your entire sales organization will want to sell!


Training & Technical Support

At U S Chemical’s Learning Center, your personnel will receive comprehensive, hands-on training on every aspect of institutional cleaning and sanitation – providing ongoing field support whenever you need it. A carefully developed curriculum, including safety awareness, blends sophisticated audio and video presentations to create a high-quality, high-retention learning experience.
Our fully-equipped training facility features operational warewash and laundry machines, providing supervised training on the equipment most commonly found at your customers’ facilities. You can expect your personnel to return to work more confident in their own ability to sell and service your chemical program.


Supply Chain
Our state-of-the-art production and warehouse facilities employ the very latest technology to ensure consistent quality and on-time delivery of your products. It’s all part of a world-class effort designed to achieve world-class results.

House Brands

U S Chemical’s chemical program provides a wide variety of products for warewash, laundry and hospitality programs.

MicroTECH™ products are designed to provide you with superior results, employee safety, and environmentally responsible packaging.

Micro Technology allows us to concentrate more active ingredients into our case of two 3100 mL shuttles than is contained in most 5 gallon pails. These unique formulations were engineered to handle all of your warewashing needs.

The Ultra Active® manual warewashing system has taken the guesswork out of manual warewashing. This convenient, easy-to-use dispensing system combines super concentrated products with superior cleaning power for pots, pans, silverware, glassware and dishes. No plumbing or electricity is needed, and since Ultra Active® is a wall-mounted system, no counter or floor space is required. Concentration can be calibrated to your needs, and the ergonomic canister and pump designs allow for total product usage.

Each formula is specially designed to be effective without mixing, pouring or creating a mess. The full product line covers nearly every housekeeping need. Using state-of-the-art polymer technology, the IND/COM Floorcare line offers unique product formulations specifically designed to match the maintenance needs of the fast-paced institutional market.

Using state-of-the-art polymer technology, Genesis™ offers unique product formulations specifically designed to match the maintenance needs of the many flooring substrates available today.  Genesis™ Floor Finishes are packaged in an environmentally friendly bag-in-box. The bag-in-box can be recycled or compacted for landfill, eliminating the disposal problems associated with five-gallon pails.

MixMATE™ concentrates give you maximum cleaning power for a remarkably low cost. The cost savings you’ll enjoy extends beyond simple dollars and cents, to time savings and performance as well. It doesn’t matter how much value the solutions themselves offer if the dispensing system takes up too much space, is inconvenient to use, or doesn’t match your needs.

Quickline™ is a complete line of ready-to-use (RTU) quality cleaning products for your kitchen and housekeeping needs. Quickline™ RTU cleaners are formulated to achieve optimum results right from the bottle. Just aim, spray and wipe. Not only are Quickline™ products fast and easy to use, they also eliminate messy mixing and spills. From start to finish, Quickline™ products make you the winner!

The Nexus™ System relies on the precision of peristaltic pumps which quickly and effectively deliver the exact amount of product required every time. Nexus™ System concentrates rely on TED™ (Totally-Enclosed-Dispensing) to eliminate accidental spills and provide a barrier between the concentrated product and the operator. One case of Nexus™ System concentrates equals a typical 5 gallon container — reducing packaging, handling, storage and waste. A wide range of Nexus™ System concentrates provides the flexibility needed to handle varied water, soil and operating conditions.